Tholage Healing Trauma

Trauma Healing

What is Tholáge™

Tholáge™ Neuropsychotherapy offers support in reducing mental health issues and fostering recovery.

Moreover you will be taught calming techniques, for self care at home. As your Tholáge™ therapist, I will give you guidance and resources to help you practice efficiently.

How Tholáge™ Therapy Works

Tholáge™ Neuropsychotherapy focuses on addressing emotions, which are often linked to conditions like depression, anxiety and trauma.

Through a combination of mind-body exercises, individuals can work towards lessening and controlling these symptoms.

The Tholáge™ method includes methods such as eye movements to help clients release emotions and remember experiences aiming to tackle the underlying issues behind trauma.

This process can also help soothe the system and alleviate symptoms related to trauma and other mental health conditions.

How to Schedule an Appointment & Cost

For more information about Tholáge™ Neuropsychotherapy or to schedule an appointment, please call (727) 385-0209.

For information about payment, we can discuss that at the time of scheduling an appointment.