There are times when the human spirit experiences distressing or disturbing events and the impact of these events can replace momentum, peace, and productivity with worry, inconsistency, and dissatisfaction. Contrary to what you may think— you can regain momentum, peace, and productivity —a sense of order—in a brief amount of time.


Renee Gillombardo
I believe people who experience distressing and disturbing events such as relationship and career challenges, job loss, career change, health changes and other events that require clarity, focus, and implementation are often left unprocessed. These events often continue to impact one’s quality of life as well as other relationships.

Professionally, I describe myself as being enthusiastic, compassionate, dedicated to excellence and committed to the ongoing process of restoring self. These characteristics are also an essential part of learning from the distressing events of our lives. I have 20 years of experience with rebuilding satisfaction, clarity, and life purpose. I myself, am a survivor of an unaware educational system when as a child I was misdiagnosed and spent the next 20 years living outside my true potential until the erroneous diagnosis was challenged at 28 years of age. I know that the renewal process is achievable—so at 28 years of age I began my successful journey back.

My professional career has been dedicated to helping people process the collection of emotions that result from distressing life events like a relationship, career, and health challenges. Distress is defined as any event that significantly impacts and changes the way a person experiences and adapts to life. It is a very normal response to an event outside of our understanding of normal. As an empathetic survivor myself, I recognize the problems and issues that keep people feeling trapped, confused, and misunderstood. I know what steps need to be taken for a successful renewal process; for momentum, peace, and productivity to being restored.

I am a Florida licensed marriage and family therapist, MT 1628, whose graduate education is from California institutions; Loma Linda University, University of La Verne, and National University.

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